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BlueSteps and Your Career

BlueSteps, the confidential career management service of the Association of Executive Search and Leadership Consultants (AESC). The AESC is the voice of excellence for the executive search and leadership consulting profession for 1,300 offices in 74 countries worldwide. All AESC member firms have access to the BlueSteps database of senior-level executives.

At BlueSteps, our goal is to help busy executives like you advance their careers, track their goals and stay visible to the right recruiters. We do this by providing our members elite tools and resources which are specifically designed to aide executives in growing and managing their careers.

Developing and nurturing relationship with executive search consultants, like the ones BlueSteps helps you to build, is critical to your executive job search and career management strategy. Executive search consultants are the gatekeepers of executive jobs in the hidden executive job market, where positions are typically never advertised.