Senior Executives as Willing to Relocate Overseas as Nationally


BlueSteps Survey Finds 70% of Executives Willing to Consider Overseas Opportunities

New York, NY - Findings from a recent BlueSteps survey show that senior executives around the world are equally as willing to relocate overseas (70%) for a new career opportunity as nationally (74%), indicating an increased interest in and importance of global opportunities. The willingness of BlueSteps members to relocate has stayed constant over the past 2 years (a 2008 survey showed that 78% would consider relocation), but their equal interest today in international career progression is particularly striking. With the recession taking it’s toll on executive opportunities, it appears these senior candidates have realized it is essential to cast a wider net when searching for and considering their next career move.

While the majority of senior executives surveyed were willing to consider relocation, the main concerns cited when considering such a move was relocating family (47% voted this as their top concern), and developing a new support network and social circle in the new location (19%). Language or cultural barriers in the new location were not a top concern for these executives, with only 8% and 5% respectively citing these as an issue.

Della Giles, Director of BlueSteps commented “The economic crisis has resulted in many executives extending their job search overseas, and the ‘global executive’ will be well placed to take advantage of the expected uptick in 2010. As the economy picks up and opportunities increase, executives who are willing to relocate, either nationally or overseas, will be at an advantage.” She continued “BlueSteps membership allows executives to expose their resume and career profile to search consultants in 72 countries, so members that are willing to consider an international move are well placed to be at the forefront of global recruitment.”

This BlueSteps ‘Quick Query’ was completed between 18 November and 16 December 2009. The survey received 344 responses, 61% from the Americas, 29% from Europe and Africa, and 10% from Asia Pacific and the Middle East.

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