Bringing Your Resume into the 21st Century


Age discrimination: It’s illegal, but we all know it happens. You can’t change your birthdate, but you can take steps to prevent age discrimination during your job search. A good technique is to give your resume a virtual shot of Botox with a QR code.

QR codes are small, two-dimensional squares that can be scanned with a smartphone to direct the user to a website containing additional information. You’ve probably seen them on advertisements – they’re showing up on everything from ketchup bottles to movie posters.

It’s still fairly rare to see a QR code on a resume, and this can work in your favor. It not only makes your resume stand out in a stack of paper, it instantly brands you as tech-savvy (even if you’re really not), conveying a young, energetic and up-to-date vibe from mature jobseekers.

QR codes can also bring your résumé into the 21st century in another important way: With the right QR code service, you can get administrative tools that allow you to quickly and easily link your QR code to a mobile-optimized site. This is a critical advantage since practically all recruiters and hiring managers conduct online searches, and many do so via mobile devices like smartphones and tablets rather than desktop computers. By delivering an online profile in mobile format, you eliminate the need for side-to-side scrolling.

A QR code also gives you the opportunity to display links to positive information about yourself online. A good QR code service can enable you to present a mobile microsite that provides links to online content that you’ve hand-picked, including your BlueSteps and LinkedIn profiles, videos, mobile business card or any other content that showcases your abilities.

Additionally, optimized QR code administration services can allow you to easily manage and change content and track scans, sending you an email or text alert so that you can gauge interest in your résumé. In addition to the functions that you can access with the right QR code service, the codes themselves have a “coolness” factor that can help you keep the potential employer’s focus off your age – and on your skills.
James Alexander
This article was written by James Alexander, founder and CEO of Vizibility Inc., the world’s first online identity management platform. A serial technology entrepreneur, James was involved in two other successful startups and served as a product management executive at Adobe Systems prior to founding Vizibility. Learn more about the company and their QR code options at www.vizibility.com.

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