Evaluating Executive Job Opportunities - What's in it for You?


Knowing how to Evaulate Executive Job Opportunities is an Essential Component to any Successful Career Management Strategy
Contrary to what many would like to believe, size can matter…and for those senior level executives with “big fish” status within a small company, it may be tough to downsize that standing if moving to a larger organization. But in order to honestly evaluate offers, you need to decide what’s more important to you – maintaining C-level status or joining a company that has less to offer in way of title, but more in other areas.

This brings to mind the story of an acquaintance. As CEO of a small startup “Gary” enjoyed “top guy” status. But when the company he oversaw was absorbed by a larger organization, he was given the choice to remain as Vice President of Sales or “take a package” and go his own way.

Ego gave way to practicality after “Gary” realized the potential of what he was being offered. Here was an opportunity not only to truly contribute to the bottom line, but also to hone skills that had lay dormant during his years as head honcho…and to do so while under the umbrella of an organization that compensated executive level staff with all the pieces of the rewards pie.

In addition to an attractive salary, he would benefit from a retirement plan, short and long term cash incentives, non-qualified and qualified retirement plans, executive benefit plan, a core health plan, equity awards and the ability to perform a portion of his work from a home office.

In short time “Gary” found he didn’t miss being the “buck stops here” person; in fact relinquishing highest level responsibility came much easier than anticipated, leaving this former CEO less stressed at the end of the day…an extra benefit to him and his family.

Like “Gary,” the fortunate and talented among us will be granted many opportunities along the way. While employment in a small company may offer more authority and responsibility, larger organizations generally provide a wider variety of benefits, incentives and rewards plans.

Certainly, equitable compensation is a vital consideration, but less tangible, yet equally important factors must be weighed if given the choice between several opportunities…the company’s industry reputation, its culture, demands of the job, and whether a positive parallel exists between your interests/industry skills and the company’s work activities.

When comparing job offers, you may realize that what was of highest priority to you five years ago is now much further down the roster. By measuring all aspects of a job offer against your current professional desires, you will be in a better position to make the right choice.

(Editor’s note: Jim Moniz is President/CEO of Northeast VisionLink, a Braintree, MA executive compensation firm. 781-356-2969.)

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