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As part of our continual round-up of the best content on the Ivy Exec blog, here are two articles on subjects rarely discussed and one article offering a simple approach to an old problem. The first serves to help you with the infamous 'Do you have any other questions?' interview question, the second is to assist you to self-manage your performance, and the third helps you make fast and effective life changing decisions.

1. 5 Ways to Sell Yourself While Answering “Do You Have Any Other Questions?”

Phil Rosenberg discusses how to approach the final question of interviews in an interesting and innovative way. Learn how to take the staple interview question and turn it into an opportunity to further sell your personal brand and leave a lasting impression.

2. Improving With Personal Performance Reviews

Caroline Ceniza-Levine offers goal setting and performance tracking techniques for executives in small organizations without formal procedures. A great article that reminds us in order to look forward, we must look back first.

3. Use The Choice Matrix For Big Career Decisions

The final article in this week's roundup is once again from Caroline Ceniza-Levine as she offers a simple but effective procedure to weigh up executive opportunities.

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