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Although I am one to embrace everything new, sometimes looking back to the basics can open one’s eyes. It can become pretty easy to miss fundamental elements of a process, those elements that really rarely change, when everything around you is changing all the time.

I spoke with a job seeker yesterday and talked through his career: Where he was and where he would like to go. Afterwards, I realized that even though he was going to use a lot of new tools and technology in his search, the basics were still the same.

In the old days, you often found your next career step by being recommended, being referred or being recognized. Your mentors usually had a lot to do with it. I don’t hear much about mentors these days but that’s another topic.

In the old days, if a company VP needed a Sales Manager, they picked up the phone, called their network and asked who everyone knew. If a company was downsizing the VP called their network to let them know a good Sales Manager was available. This talented Sales Manager was so good that their accounts raved about them to the competition and as a result the Sales Manager got recognized and recruited.

Change your thinking and spend 70% of your time looking for the network your boss should have but doesn’t. Seek out every person in the industry doing the job your boss does and make it your business to develop relationships with them.

Spend the other 70% of your time (yes I know that’s 140% but if you want to really get ahead, 100% doesn’t cut the mustard) becoming the person that other people rave about. Invest in yourself and only apply to the positions that you really want. Create the professional image you want others to see and let them help promote you.

Do those 2 things well, every day, over and over and watch what doors will open.

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