Do Senior Executives Use Social Networking and What Role Will it Play in 2010 Business Development?

Social Networking Set to Dominate 2010 Business to Consumer Marketing - What about Business to Business?

Recently Margolis & Company and YPO released a Senior Executive Social Networking Survey. They interviewed 100 CEOs and senior executives in an important demographic and the results were validated by TNS Gallup.

Without spoiling the read - it is expertly formatted and contains many useful charts and stats - here is a summary located in the report:

'The data shows that while only 20 percent of the participating leaders use social networking primarily for commercial purposes, most executives believe social media in a business to business context will achieve significant growth in the next two years.  The slight resistance executives expressed about social networking derives more from old habits than any fundamental philosophical rejection of social networking or the new media’s services.

We asked the participating leaders to respond in a business context, though a number of the respondents based their projections on a consumer model.  We conclude that this is because the business to business model is so new.

The effectiveness of the “promoters” will be important to define the growth rate in the business sector.  From the survey, the professional services sector, and to some extent the consumer sector, are the most likely to promote the use in commercial activity and business communication.  Consumer sector executives already show predisposition for social media, especially in their personal lives.  Social media will only further merge our business and personal lives, according to several top national business reporters we interviewed.

Social networking will also force marketers to become succinct and targeted in their communications to  elevate their brands.  With increased consumer expectations that marketing messages will become briefer and briefer, we must ensure we do not misread basic outcomes by minimizing necessary information too much.  As we accelerate down the social networking highway, we expect there will be a modest correction to again further appreciate in-depth content.

One conclusion is certain: In the new world with tens of thousands of interesting choices, relevance and relationships will remain crucial.

We welcome your input and we’re eager to continue the conversation.'

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