Obama to Back Nuclear Energy and Drive Domestic Oil Production

Obama is looking to improve rather than change as he embarks on a new energy campaign focusing on increased Nuclear Energy output, a drive to raise domestic oil production and renewable energy. Obama appealed to the masses through greater self-reliance at a recent speech in Washington, vowing to reduce oil imports by a third in just over a decade and to bring the price at the gas pump down.

Obama's move is interesting for many reasons, but particularly his approach towards nuclear energy even after recent events, calming worries of nuclear energy professionals in the US. His words are spoken as the UN recommends increasing the contamination area around the Fukushima plant in Japan as dangerously high levels of radiation are detected 40 km’s from the site. Yet Obama rightly points out that the industry will learn from any mistakes, resulting in safer, more efficient nuclear energy production.

Obama also highlighted that two thirds of all oil production licenses for the Gulf are still yet to be acted upon by the oil companies. There will be a new drive to activate these licenses and increase domestic oil production - such backing is likely to be a sigh of relief to the industry as the BP oil slick is washed from fresh memories. Like the approach to Nuclear, learn and move forward.

Moving towards renewable energy sources, Obama stated that 80% of US electricity must come from non-oil sources by 2035 – an optimistic estimate, but if you take a look at government efforts such as 20 Percent Wind and the entrepreneurial talent in the clean energy sector then the target appears achievable.

I recently wrote that clean energy is set for huge growth, but clearly all areas of the energy sector are to expand in the US, leading to massive job generation.

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