Smart Things A Job Seeker Can Do


Brad Attig, Ivy Exec’s Director of Talent Development demonstrates how some seemingly good ideas can be exactly the opposite when you’re engaged in a job search. From “Blasting your resume to 100′s of perspective employers” to “Creating your resume in under 10 minutes” learn why these ideas and other can hurt your employment chances. Download the complete PDF

10 Smart Things A Job Seeker Can Do

  1. Prepare yourself mentally
  2. Take a hard look at your finances
  3. Take inventory & do a full, honest SWAT analysis
  4. Set realistic and achievable goals and review them daily
  5. Develop a job search strategy with professional help
  6. Treat your search as your job
  7. Network to build relationships not to find a job
  8. Focus on self-improvement
  9. Volunteer and stay relevant
  10. Be positive

Some of my Thoughts on Job Search

  • If you can afford a professionally written resume it will be the best investment you make in yourself
  • The opportunity cost of using a bad resume can run in the tens of thousands of dollars
  • More and more job seekers are getting professional assistance making the job search climate hyper-competitive
  • Good enough doesn’t cut it anymore
  • You can of course, get away with sending a bad resume to a less desirable company but is that really your objective?
  • If you cannot afford to have your resume done professionally seek help elsewhere. Oftentimes, State Career Centers, local libraries, and some job fairs have assistance available
  • Remember that job search expenses are usually tax deductible but check with your accountant

Brad Attig has 13 years of talent acquisition experience including 5 years working with high level executives crafting personal job search strategies and 8 years of recruiting for a top boutique retail recruitment firm. Brad’s expertise includes personal branding, social media strategy, and locating top passive talent. Prior, Brad held key merchandising positions with top retailers including Macy’s and Target.

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