Where Are Chilean Companies Hiring?

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Taking advantage that unemployment figures in Chile are low, it is common to wonder what sectors of the economy are hiring more. So if you are looking for a job in Chile, be aware that the sectors that led the demand of recruitment in 2011 were salmon and forestry, mining and energy, and consumer market, according to a labor market study made by AESC member SommerGroup® International Executive Search.

The salmon and forestry industry concentrated 25% of the demand, followed by mining and energy and consumer market, both with 15%, and thus obtaining more than half of all the graphic. These sectors were followed by telecommunications and transport, with 11% and 10%,respectively.

Despite this, when comparing with the hiring tendencies of 2010, consumer market fell by 3.58 percentage points in 2011, registering the biggest drop. This can be explained by the rapid recovery after the 2009 crisis, making the demand more balanced in 2011 than 2010. By contrast, the biggest increase came from the industrial sector, which grew by 8.5 percentage points.

In a more specific field, the highest variation between 2010 and 2011 derived from the commercial and marketing sector, with projects that increased both by five percentage points. Technological solutions also raised by three percentage points. And those who fell more were operations, human resources and finance, in seven, three and two percentage points, respectively. SomerGroup® emphasizes that with the economy growing (6%), the need is for new business and investment that can generate higher demand in commercial areas and projects. The opposite happens in a recession, where the areas of finance and management control are the most required.
Estudio basado en los Procesos de Head Huntingde SommerGroup®:
Sector Industrial aumenta 9 puntos porcentuales
su demanda por contrataciones de ejecutivos en 2011
El rubro Salmonero/Forestal, además, concentró la mayor demanda, con un 25% de las contrataciones del año 2011.

SommerGroup® International Search Solutions, empresa especializada en la Búsqueda de Ejecutivos, realizó un estudio sobre el comportamiento del mercado laboral, en base a los requerimientos de sus clientes y las contrataciones realizadas durante el año 2011 y las comparó con las cifras del año anterior.

La investigación consideró a Clientes de SommerGroup® que son líderes en su rubro, importantes representantes de los sectores de Consumo Masivo, Retail, Salmonero/Forestal, Telecomunicaciones/Transporte, Minería/Energía, y Combustibles, principalmente.

Particularmente, los rubros que mostraron mayor demanda porcontrataciones en el 2011, fueron la Industria Salmonera/Forestal con un 25% de las colocaciones, Minería y Energía con un 15%, Consumo Masivo también con 15% y el sector de Telecomunicaciones y Transporte, con un 11%.
About SommerGroup
SommerGroup, based in Chile, is a specialized, multidisciplinary team of over 30 professionals providing retained executive search services to both local and international companies in the Financial Services, Retail, Mining, Utilities, Energy and Natural Resources industries. SommerGroup was founded in 1995. The firm’s Partners are Rodolfo Sommer Uribe-Echevarría, Ximena Rodríguez Concha, and Sebastián Pedraza Villate. The firm provides retained executive search services for senior executive and middle management positions.
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