Working Globally: Setting Up a Cross Border Executive Job Search


In setting up and organizing a cross border job search, aside from being very well organized, one needs to prepare and equip oneself more thoroughly than if the search was local. Here is an overview of the process and execution that we will cover in coming months:

Determining Long Range Goals

This simple, but sometimes grueling act, is even more imperative when working globally. One needs to prepare for the contingencies of relocation back to one’s home country or other regions at a much later date. Knowing where you want to end up is more time-sensitive and geography-sensitive than if one simply continued to gain local employment.

Marketing Collateral

Building self-marketing pieces that appeal to the broadest audience or to a completely different geographic audience is a far greater challenge. Nowadays, a mere resume/CV doesn’t cover all contingencies. In fact, it is just the beginning in terms of building a professional brand. One should also include a professional business card, a professional website to highlight one’s achievements, a short executive summary, and of course well-designed profiles on all the social networking sites.

Of course building a well articulated profile in Bluesteps is always the first step and a given.

Tools and Techniques

Researching and uncovering opportunities globally presents a far greater challenge. It’s easy to say you want to work in the BRIC nations, but far more difficult to do the local leg-work to uncover lists of companies that may hire you. The motto may be to think globally and act locally first. That means to use the contacts, search firms and network you have at your current disposal to leverage you to other parts of the world.

Most major professional and trade associations are international in scope or have international affiliations. Beginning with the local group, one can quickly gain contacts and introductions to other chapters globally. For example, the Association of Strategic Alliance Professionals is an international group with worldwide chapters for professionals in business development. A client of mine in Germany used my connection with the local chapter president in San Francisco, California to gain introductions and entrée to the ASAP chapter in Frankfurt.

Search Consultants

Making full use of your BlueSteps membership is one of the most invaluable tools in your search arsenal. You have access to a global network of search consultants at your fingertips. Identifying search firms in China, Singapore, France, Dubai, South Africa, Canada and Columbia becomes simply, easy and quick to do.

Reaching out to contact them and introduce yourself in advance of your active search would not only lay the groundwork for future introductions into their search assignments, but gives you access to their breadth of experience in the local hiring culture, employment environment and hiring climate. They should always be the first best step on your way to initiating a full-blown search globally.

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