Blogging to Build Your Online Reputation and Support Your Executive Job Search

Many global professionals and executives would describe themselves as busy. Especially those that are very career oriented. Some would say too busy to work on their online profile or reputation on an ongoing basis – or at all.
But as I tell my clients, not having time does not change the reality of today's digital and globalized marketplace. A strong online profile or reputation is critical to optimizing your chances of landing a new position. Especially given the competition for top jobs globally.

Blogs are a powerful tool in building your online reputation

Blogs are one of the most powerful tools for building your online reputation to support your executive job search. I believe many people are wary of building a blog because they are not clear on how exactly blogging can help them.

For this reason I'm sharing some of the primary reasons why building a branded blog can support your executive job search:

Getting found online to be considered for more executive job opportunities

With the global war for talent on, people are competing with others across the globe for top jobs – competition is fierce and it is easy to get lost in the global talent pool. Since up to 90% of executive recruiters and employers reported online search as their primary strategy for finding talent in 2012, how often you show up in search results determines in part how often you’ll be considered for potential job opportunities.

A regularly updated blog will help improve search results and chances of getting found by providing relevant, keyworded content for the search engines to index.

Building a brand online to position yourself as the perfect solution to a target's challenges

It’s not just enough to get found online. You need to attract and keep the target audience’s attention to insure that they understand how you are the perfect solution to their greatest challenges. A relevant and compelling brand message communicated to the right people at the right time in the right way will maximize the chances of, and speed of having, a hiring conversation with a headhunter or potential employer - and closing the deal.

A blog is the most effective way of clearly and consistently sending a powerful and differentiating message of value with global reach.

Building an online reputation that serves as a powerful credential and reference check

It’s reported that up to 85% of executive recruiters and hiring managers use the information they find online in candidate selection, evaluation and hiring decisions. Hence your online reputation is part of your application for many jobs, a credential and a reference check.

A well-kept, branded blog will help build a strong online reputation, reinforce a strong and unique value proposition and feature a branded bio, credentials, results and/or endorsements to support your candidacy for your target executive jobs and organizations.

Building a network that serves as advocates and provides access to more opportunities

All professionals and executives in all phases of their career need a network to advance and succeed. People in your network are potential advocates and doors to unadvertised executive job opportunities. Since many jobs are landed through employee referrals, and on average 75% of jobs are not advertised, lack of a strong network can have a massive impact on your executive job search.

Blogs provide a meeting place for your community and/or your network. Blog comments allow for people to share opinions and create places for thought exchange. Blogs also provide a means for capturing the contact details of your community and/or network via an email marketing program so you can hold ongoing conversations with them via a newsletter or just blog updates.

Your online reputation supports your executive job search and ongoing career management

As the average tenure of an executive is 2 to 4 years, ongoing career management is no longer optional. We are all job seekers - the difference is just whether or not we are an active or passive seeker.  Hence all of the ways a blog supports an executive job search outlined above also applies to ongoing career management.
In sum, don’t let the excuse of time prevent you from doing what is necessary to build your online profile or reputation to support your short and long term career goals. Consider blogging as it is one of the most powerful tools you can use to support your executive job search and ongoing career management.

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