Celebrating Executive Women in Business and Women in the Board Room

In honor of the official American Business Women's Day on September 22nd, BlueSteps has launched an Executive Women in Business Initiative throughout the month of September. We will be featuring podcasts, interviews and more with female executives and executive search consultants throughout the month. In addition, we are offering 25% off BlueSteps Membership to all female executives throughout the month.

Jean Francois Manzoni (Chaired Professor of Leadership and Organizational Development at INSEAD), Paul Strebel (Sardoz Family Foundation Professor of Governance, Strategy and Change at IMD in Switzerland) and Jean-Louis Barsoux (senior research fellow at IMD) offer advice on taking advantage of board diversity and how to avoid any traps that inhibit the performance of boards when diversity is increased.

Changes in board governance are creating opportunities for executives with certain backgrounds and experience. In our most recent webinar a panel of top search consultants from across Europe and the US shared their insights into the current movements and how best to take advantage of them.

Current Hiring Conditions and Trends

The situation differs slightly across Europe but major trends are a move towards recruiting more women onto boards and candidates with international experience. What is being sought is a diversity of ideas, experience and geography.

With increasing obligations and fierce public scrutiny willing and qualified director candidates are harder to find, and with the largest exit of board members in history around the corner board service recruiting seems a formidable challenge.