Finding a new job and moving into a new role requires a well thought out strategy. Learn about what you should do and how to go about your job search and career transition.

Widening the net just might catch a “Purple Squirrel”
A Job Seeker’s Perspective on Executive Job Search

Many global professionals and executives would describe themselves as busy. Especially those that are very career oriented. Some would say too busy to work on their online profile or reputation on an ongoing basis – or at all.
But as I tell my clients, not having time does not change the reality of today's digital and globalized marketplace. A strong online profile or reputation is critical to optimizing your chances of landing a new position. Especially given the competition for top jobs globally.

Blogs are a powerful tool in building your online reputation

Keywords are critical to your career transition and executive job search strategy. You must clearly illustrate your transferable skills within each position of interest. Review the job posting and select the keywords relevant to that position to maximize your keyword hits in scanning systems and upon review of executive recruiters, HR representatives, or hiring executives.
Utilize the following four tips to improve your career transition and executive job search strategy through keywords.

The opportunities for executive career transition have not diminished, regardless of what you have read in the media.  As the world shrinks and industries converge, a systematic approach to identifying opportunities can yield the best results. Based on my experiences over the years and seeing several senior executives make successful transitions, here’s an overview of five options that are available for executives seeking a career transition:

New Survey Shows that 62% of executives expect to remain in their current industry for the next four years or more, while 38% expect to be in a new industry within three years.

Transcribed from a Skype conversation with Robert Wong and Managing Director, Global Strategy and the Americas, Brian J. Glade, May 2013.

 Clarke Murphy, Chief of Executive Officer of Russell Reynolds Associates
Thank you for taking the time to speak with us at the Association of Executive Search Consultants and BlueSteps about executive search in Brazil. Could you tell us about the executive search firm that you come from and what you do there?

Are you being challenged enough in your work place? Have you become a bit complacent in your job? Should you consider whether the job you currently hold is pushing you to your full potential? Whether you have or have not contemplated a career move, join Joanna Miller, Career Transition expert and experienced executive search consultant for the ‘Career Transition: Should I Stay or Should I Go?’ BlueSteps seminar on Thursday, September 27th (click here to register).

BlueSteps speaks with Sanjiv Desai, a Senior Partner from TRANSEARCH India, who describes how he uses BlueSteps to find great candidates!

BlueSteps: What is the typical process when conducting a search in terms of how you source your candidates?

Sanjiv Desai:  We create target lists of organizations and then try and find people who are, or were, in those organizations. We also use or network of contacts in the sector to source additional candidates. Some of these sources have been developed by actively connecting with potential candidates through BlueSteps.

BlueSteps: What databases and resources do you use?

In Search of Work Abroad

210 million people around the world are living outside of their home country. That’s almost 3 percent of the world’s population. There is not global data available, but looking at regional numbers we can deduce that a good number of those people are without a job, underemployed, or dissatisfied with the job that they do have.