BRIC Countries with the Best Expatriate JobsIn a recent LinkedIn poll, conducted in the AESC/BlueSteps Executive Search Network group, we asked “Which BRIC country currently has the best expatriate opportunities?” Brazil and China were the clear winners of the poll, receiving over half of the total votes (Brazil 46%, China 33%, Russia 10% and India 10%). After reading the discussion comments and conducting some additional research, we found that the general executive opinion supports these results.

Advertising may pre-date “the world’s oldest profession.” After all, to attract a clientele, those practitioners first had to communicate their unique features and benefits and then convey how they differed from the nearby competition. Whether it’s an account that Gilgamesh, Sargon & Greenberg would have wanted is an open question but, today, thousands of years later, people still agree that sex sells...even if we don’t sell any actual sex – at least not publicly.

Digital transformation has rapidly altered the responsibilities of executives in every function imaginable, from CMOs to CFOs, and of course CIOs. Information Age Magazine recently posted this article about how countless organizations are asking their CIOs to provide strategic guidance for ‘digital’ technology.

Keeping up with the rapid changes of today’s various industries can be difficult for executives, even those working in that specific industry. The "Fast Executive Trends" series provides industry-specific trends and recommendations for executives both inside and outside of that specific industry. This post covers the projected trends in the luxury consumer products industry and how industry players can alter their strategies for a successful 2014.
Luxury Expanding Worldwide

The AESC and BlueSteps recently had the opportunity to speak with Clarke Murphy, CEO at AESC member, global executive search and assessment firm Russell Reynolds Associates.
Clarke Murphy, Russell Reynolds Associates

The AESC and BlueSteps recently conducted interviews with leading executive search firms in the Asia Pacific region for their insights into the executive job market in South Korea. The following interview is with McKinney Consulting.

The AESC and BlueSteps recently completed a Q&A with Search Firms in the Chinese market to find their outlook for 2013. First in line we interviewed UHunt, a locally established firm, which was established in early 2008.

AESC: Now that we have begun 2013, how would you describe your outlook for China for the rest of the year?

The AESC and BlueSteps recently released a whitepaper on the 2013 Healthcare sector in the United States amid new reforms and the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. The paper presents one-on-one interviews and commentary from leading AESC retained executive search consultants who specialize in placing executives in the Healthcare sector in the United States.

Below you will find an interview excerpt and a link to download the complete whitepaper.

"There is no such thing as a good tax.’" Winston Churchill

Many expatriates living and working in China today are becoming increasingly concerned over regulatory taxes which have been imposed by the government there. Equally, many feel that this is consolidating the tensions between local executives and expatriate executives which may already exist.