BlueSteps recently hosted an #ExecCareer Chat on the topic of executive compensation negotiation, featuring Renee Arrington, Pearson Partners International, and John Ryan, TRANSEARCH International.

Some of the questions asked included:

  • How do I figure out the max compensation package I should be negotiating for?
  • What is the best way to answer the screening recruiter who asks a salary expectation question?
  • What are some of the major mistakes executives make when negotiating their compensation?
  • What are the best sources to determine compensation for an individual executive?
  • Have you seen any trends in compensation packages over the past few years? Items being included moreso than before/removed?
  • Are there any resources that you would recommend candidates read prior to a salary negotiation?
  • If there is a position on LinkedIn that sounds interesting, is it rude to ask the recruiter the range without applying for it?
  • How should I answer the “What salary are you looking for?” question in interviews?
  • How much time is acceptable for me to have my labor attorney review the offer letter and provide me with feedback?
  • How frequently have you seen comp packages renegotiated? After how long in the role?

If you missed it, catch up on all the excellent advice that was given in the Storify transcript below.

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