As I am watching my 25 year old daughter who is a single mother who worked her way through University will be graduating the end of this year in business administration and innovation. The trouble I see throughout Mexico is that IF YOU DON'T KNOW SOMEONE , YOU DON'T GET A GOOD JOB. It is sad to hear this since my daughter is in her last year Bi-Lingual and with a grade average of 9.8. A young lady who has worked the past 7.5 years running the migrante office for the municipal government. So I am surfing the net looking to see if there is a real company out there that would look at a young person and give them a shot, not saying you need 5 year experience because in reality 5 year experience without proper action turns into 5 years of lost employer. Some companies need to open their eyes and forget the experience end and raise their employees they way they want to to be not the way another company raised them through 5 years