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Take charge of your career with a plan to reach your professional aspirations with our BlueSteps Executive Career Guides.

Even the most experienced leaders need to ensure they keep looking towards the future. As an executive, your career success will depend on an ongoing strategy, active engagement in your career direction, and routine updates of your career documents and online presence. 

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Your Executive Guide to Joining a Board of Directors

Reach the boardroom by leveraging your unique talents.

Glean insights on the board recruitment process and increase your visibility to board recruiters with our Executive Guide to Joining a Board of Directors. In the guide, we walk you through the steps of building a strategic plan, from determining if you are ready for a board role to which traits are most desirable in candidates.

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The Global Guide to Personal Branding for Executives

Define your personal brand for executive career success.

Everything you do impacts your personal brand, whether it be a decision in the office, a quote for an article, or 140 characters you share. It influences others’ perspective of you by telling the story of who you are, what you value, how you are unique, and where you want to be. By understanding your personal brand and how you can shape it, you can make yourself more visible and win new professional opportunities.

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The Ultimate Career Management Guide Series

Develop your own unique career management strategy.

In this free, six-part series, you’ll learn how to create a career management strategy at any stage of your career. Each section of this guide will take you through the primary components of a senior-level executive’s career management strategy. The topics covered by these sections are: connecting with executive search, career documents, advance job search advice, networking, executive interviews and compensation negotiation.

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