Why Join BlueSteps?

We’ve helped thousands of executives just like you advance their careers and achieve their professional goals.
To provide you comprehensive career management support, BlueSteps offers a variety of tools and resources - including career guidance, expert insights, and job opportunities - that aid you in achieving your career goals.

So, how are we different?


made just for the C-Suite.

BlueSteps is specifically tailored to guide you through the executive career journey. Whether you’re an executive in Delhi, Denver or Dublin, we strive to provide you with the tools you need to meet your goals.


to the recruiters that matter.

You need to be on the radar of recruiters who know where you've been and understand where you can go. We help you connect with recruiters who specialize in your target industry, function and geography.


and confidentiality at all times.

BlueSteps connects you only with AESC member executive search firms. AESC sets the quality standard for the executive search profession. We do not share your information with bosses, colleagues or third parties.


and peace of mind.

As an executive, you know the importance of having a long-term strategic plan. We help you build that for your career. We support you at every step, whether you are actively looking or looking to excel in your current role.

BlueSteps provides executives like you:

Profiles designed for the executive job search. Put your best foot forward with recruiters.

Unlike other career profiles, a BlueSteps profile is designed to showcase exactly what executive recruiters want to know about you. We highlight your personal brand and increase your visibility to AESC executive search consultants across 1,450+ global offices who fill 100,000 placements each year.

Networking with the right recruiters. Build lasting relationships in the executive search community.

Talking to a search consultant should not be a one-time thing. At BlueSteps, we teach you how to build lasting relationships with recruiters and help you find those working in your region, function and industry with our AESC Member Directory of executive recruiters worldwide.

Connection to world class advisors. Like health and financial fitness—we have pros for career fitness.

We provide a complimentary career consultation to help you assess where you are. We then connect you with career advisors who get your industry, function and geographic market. Our team of executive career coaches can help with career documents, personal branding and can coach you to success.

Discovery of exclusive executive jobs & board positions. Job boards don't work at the executive level.

Most executive jobs are confidential. We help you identify the search firms recruiting for the opportunities you want and share with you featured open searches not found elsewhere, updated daily.

Advancement with tools to keep you on track. We've got you covered.

BlueSteps tools keep you focused on your day-to-day career advancement. Our MyGoals feature helps you stay focused and tracks your progress. We also provide you tools for compensation benchmarking and a communication wizard to help you build compelling outreach messages to recruiters.

Access to relevant career intelligence. It's different in the C-Suite.

Our curated resources, insights and webinars come straight from the recruiters that fill top executive jobs and expert career coaches. Our in-the-know experts lead you to the right new executive opportunities and help you excel when you get there.