This workshop is led by private equity experts as they explain how the private equity model works, how to target private equity boards and what skills and experiences are in-demand. 

This workshop recording covers:

If you have board aspirations, start preparing yourself now for success in the future. Discover if you are board ready and gather insider advice on how to make your aspiration a reality with this webinar recording. Listen to our expert panel of board search specialists who will be providing their top tips on how to leverage networking, executive search and board trends to increase your visibility and stay ahead of the competition.


Are you considering new board opportunities this year? Learn directly from experienced board members who have conducted board searches and who work with aspiring board candidates how you can optimize your strategy to join a board.

View this webinar recording to leverage their expert insights to stay ahead of your competition, network with the right people and understand more about the board search process.  

Pray, who doesn’t want to be a board director? Images that come to mind include being in the driving seat, excitement at the opportunity to steer direction of the company etc. I did some research on the topic recently and below is a compendium of my findings and thoughts.


Today, Board Members offer tremendous value in the corporate world; and I believe, for the most part, that there is a total disconnect between the value a Board Member brings to a company (i.e. depth and breadth of experience, industry knowledge, network, reputation and marquee value) and how they are compensated. Unfortunately, too few companies seek the brightest and best in recruiting board members. Instead, they tend to gravitate to using a limited network; like-thinking individuals; or are drawn solely to marquee names.

Joining a board can be a difficult process. It takes strategic planning, careful preparation, and expert knowledge to better position yourself for when new opportunities arise. With executive search professionals conducting a large amount of board searches today, if you would like to be considered, there is no better way to prepare than to learn from those responsible for sourcing new board candidates.  

As your partner in executive career management solutions, BlueSteps will provide insights on how to better position yourself for a board seat, including exclusive advice, information on where the executive job opportunities are, and current executive job market trends.  

Are you ready for the challenge of being a new generation board member? Our panel of executive search professionals will share with you their expertize and knowledge as they advise how to gain a competitive edge and give a valuable insight on the skills and experiences you should seek in order to get noticed and recruited for a board seat.  

Whether you are an aspiring board director or a current member of a board, it is vital that your LinkedIn profile is up-to-date, board appropriate and utilized effectively to maximize your board career opportunities. LinkedIn is a great tool for board directors as it can help you share updates about your organization, allow you to follow influencers in your industry, connect with fellow board members, and be found by those conducting board searches.