It is widely acknowledged that networking plays a key role in executive career progression. However, networking is not only for making connections among executive peers. In order to improve your career trajectory, it is vital to learn how to successfully network with executive search consultants. 

With over 90,000 executive positions being recruited for by AESC search firms each year, understanding the executive search process can be crucial in unlocking new opportunities - particularly if you are considering your executive career options or are currently in a period of transition. During this one-hour, complimentary webinar, our panel of executive search experts shared their knowledge on how the executive search process works and how the search industry can be utilized for your career advancement.  

Building and maintaining a network of executive search consultants is a vital component of any executive career strategy, particularly for those currently considering their next professional opportunities. With over 90,000 executive positions being recruited for each year by AESC member search firms alone, understanding and mastering the search process can have a lasting impact on your career.  

Connecting with executive search professionals can advance your career and maximize the opportunities that are open to you, including giving you access to thousands of positions which are not publicly advertised. But what is the best way to approach and build relationships with executive search consultants, and how does it all work?  

LinkedIn gives you the unique ability to connect with millions of professionals and executive search recruiters within your industry. If you're not being found, this webinar can hold the answers to your career success. Moreover, as LinkedIn is so highly ranked by search engines, if your name is searched by a potential employer, it is likely to be their first impression of you. What does your profile say about you?  

Executive interviews offer you the opportunity to showcase your talents to your potential employer, and can be a pivotal point in any career. With the stakes so high, even the most confident and accomplished executives can feel daunted or uncertain before a crucial interview. To assist executives with their career progression, BlueSteps is offering a complimentary webinar to share insider secrets on successful interviewing techniques.  

Working with executive search consultants can advance your career and unlock new executive opportunities. With over 90,000 senior management positions being recruited for by AESC search firms alone, if you want to improve your career trajectory, knowing how to connect with executive search professionals is vital.  

With so much emphasis being placed on online networking, many executives are neglecting to practice in-person networking in their professional lives. In-person events can be a great opportunity to connect with those in your industry, and advance your career. While it is true that social media channels can help you accelerate the process of making new contacts, in-personal events are equally or even important to successfully building your network.  

This executive career guide covers:

  • The ins and outs of executive search and how it differs from other forms of recruiting
  • The best ways to connect with executive search professionals
  • How the executive search process works
  • Strategies that will help you become visible to the search community
  • And more...

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Making connections within the executive search community can dramatically increase your professional options and skyrocket your career trajectory. But understanding the intricacies of executive networking can be a stumbling block for many executives.

If connecting with recruiters is your New Year’s Resolution, here are our top tips on how to put your best foot forward to make valuable, long-lasting and mutually beneficial relationships.


1. Build Your Network Before You Need It